Child Support

In most cases, the laws of North Carolina establish the  parent’s child support obligation by using a predetermined formula. This formula is known as the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Our family attorneys will assist you in making the necessary computations as well as codify a method for payment and enforcement of the obligation.

Child Support Modifications

An existing child support obligation is also subject to modification, due to certain occurrences that result in a change of circumstances of the parents and/or the needs of the children. We will advise you whether an existing child support obligation is subject to a modification and, if so, the most efficient way of seeking that modification. It is important to understand that child custody and child support are only related in the sense that the custodial arrangement determines the calculation of the noncustodial parent’s child support obligation. However, the ability of the noncustodial parent to exercise his or her custodial rights is not based on whether or not that parent is paying child support.

Concerned about the potential for child support? View the North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Site to get an estimate on what you owe.