Custody and Visitation

Our focus is on protecting the parental rights of our clients while obtaining a result that represents what is in the best interest of the children. To discuss your circumstances with an experienced family law attorney, call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

We understand how critical the bond is between parents and their children, as well as how important it is to preserve that even after a divorce. We work closely with our clients, striving to achieve outcomes that allow them to maintain their relationship with their child(ren). Where necessary this can be achieved through creative arrangements that allow for long-distance parenting, weekend parenting, and technology-assisted “virtual” visitation. Parenting plans can be an important part of your child custody arrangement.

Whether it is part of a divorce or involves unmarried parents, settling the issue of child custody and visitation can naturally be an emotional process. However, even in the most difficult of circumstances, it is important to focus on the best interest of the child at all times and to ensure he or she has the support he or she needs from his or her parents.

Divorce, separation or situations involving unmarried parents present legal challenges as well as practical ones. Ideally, parents can work out mutually acceptable custody and visitation arrangements that work best for their children’s and their individual circumstances. However, these disagreements can turn into comprehensive custody disputes.

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Visitation and Parenting Plans

In any visitation arrangement, it is important to address the following issues:

  • Is shared parenting an option?
  • How often will the other parent have visitation?
  • How will transportation and communication between parents be managed?
  • Which parent will gain holiday privileges? Alternating holidays by year may work well for some families.
  • How will school breaks and vacations with each parent be handled?
  • How will the visitation or custody arrangement impact child support?

We will be your strongest advocate in your visitation case, bringing in outside experts where needed to bolster your case and demonstrating why you deserve to have a strong presence in the lives of your children. To learn more about how we can help you resolve your custody and visitation issues, contact our office at 910-333-0224 for an initial confidential consultation today.