Driving While Impaired

DUI/DWI laws are tough on offenders, so it is important to aggressively take on these charges to protect your rights and privileges. Did you refuse the breath test? Was it an underage DUI? We try to leave no stone unturned in pursuing the best available outcomes for our clients, through employing aggressive strategies that involve:

  • Suppressing Breathalyzer evidence that was obtained improperly or is demonstrably unreliable.
  • Demonstrating that police did not honor constitutional rights during the arrest and subsequent actions.
  • Engaging in pretrial motions.

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Timothy R. Oswalt offers aggressive DWI/DUI legal defense in Jacksonville and Onslow County.

If arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), it may be the most frightening experience you have ever faced. In the blink of an eye, your life can change as you begin to contemplate the potential consequences, such as the loss of your license, fines, jail time, and having a criminal record. In the moments after a DWI driving arrest, it is in your best interest to reach out to a knowledgeable attorney who will fight to protect your rights.

We understand that one mistake does not define who you are as a member of the community. However, we know that one alcohol-related incident can damage your reputation and leave you with a criminal record and the complications that come with it. Our attorneys have the skills and expertise necessary to fight for a positive outcome from a first offense DUI or a second or third offense DUI that may involve:

  • Maintaining your driving privileges
  • Preventing or reversing the suspension of your driver’s license
  • Preventing your driver’s license from revocation
  • Preventing a jail sentence
  • Resolving your DUI/DWI charge as quickly as possible