Possession of Alcohol by a Minor

Though many consider it to be a victimless crime, being convicted of possession of alcohol by a minor can have long-term consequences.

You will have a criminal record, and you may face obstacles when seeking employment or admission to an educational institution. If you are already in college, you could possibly face disciplinary action by your school.

Paying the fine is certainly one option. But by paying the fine, you are admitting guilt and you will have a criminal record. You can benefit by having an experienced defense lawyer on your side. Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may even be possible to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a non-alcohol offense.

Minimizing the Consequences

We are a law firm with extensive experience in cases involving alcohol-related crimes, including underage drinking and possession of alcohol by a minor. We work hard to minimize the consequences in such cases, and our lawyers will seek the best possible outcome for you. Timothy R. Oswalt can handle all aspects of your case for a reasonable fee.

Consumption of Alcohol vs. Possession of Alcohol

Many minors we represent in these cases have been charged with possession of alcohol, even though they were not holding it in their hands, nor had they consumed it. If you attend a party where there is alcohol present or if you are in a car that is stopped and the police find alcohol in the vehicle, you could be charged under the “constructive possession” principle. Our lawyers have handled numerous alcohol and drug cases based on constructive possession, and we know the various defenses that can be used against it.