Spousal Support

In order to file for divorce in North Carolina, spouses must be separated for one year. During the year of separation, a dependent spouse may need the intervention of a family law court to provide a support order. We help separated spouses seek and obtain post-separation support during the separation period and represent spouses seeking alimony provisions as part of their divorce decrees.

Post-Separation Support (PSS)

PSS is in effect temporary alimony. PSS is provided to support a spouse until an alimony order is entered, an alimony claim is denied by the judge, or an out-of-court agreement is reached.


Either party in a divorce may be awarded post-divorce spousal support. A court may also order alimony for a longer term. Alimony may be payable as a lump sum or in monthly or quarterly installments over time.  We are experienced in seeking alimony for clients and defending against such claims in Onslow and surrounding counties.

Many of our clients have benefited from the relationships we have established with professional experts such as tax professionals. Such professionals can advise people approaching divorce on what the consequences may be of different spousal support agreements. Is it to your advantage to concede more assets such as real estate to your spouse rather than to pay alimony? We can help you discover the answers to such questions before a divorce decree is finalized.